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Alternative health care... holistic health care for health symptoms at our health wellness center naturopathic health care

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The purpose of this web site is to offer hope and direction for individuals who are ready to improve their health. Whatever health difficulties you may be dealing with, there is an answer or solution to your problem. Pain or other chronic problems such as a weakened immune system through our unique Holistic approach. If you are willing to learn and to apply simple health principles, you can achieve healing and restore health in every area of your life.

Starting with a personal phone consultation evaluation by Dr. Bartell, you will receive specific recommendations on what you can do to begin to restore your health naturally. Our goal for you is total and complete healing and restoration. Dr. Bartell can help you become healthy. Click Here... Phone Consultation with Dr. Bartell or Test From Home Evaluation.

Holistic Medicine

With a Holistic approach to health, there are no harmful side effects. Pharmaceutical medicines help temporarily with certain health symptoms yet rarely address the actual cause of the problem. Through the application of holistic health principals, evaluation and treatments, it is possible to correct the root cause of your problem. The result can be a true change in your health. Both chronic and acute conditions can improve if healthy lifestyle changes are made and physiological balance is restored. Your body can heal and recover from many difficult health conditions, and will do so when the underlying cause is addressed. Conservative treatments should always be considered before taking toxic drugs or undergoing surgery. Yahuah designed the body with the ability to heal and cure itself; we need to give it a chance.

If you have not found hope or help with your chronic condition or illness, or are looking for a holistic doctor, learn more about us and our approach to health.

Breast Cancer Thermography 2014 by Dr. BlockThermography centers in Tulsa Oklahoma for breast cancer screening

Thermography can detect indications of breast cancer development providing a 6 year earlier detection over traditional mammogram screening. Abnormal vascular and nervous system infrared temperature patterns can be seen on the surface of the breast with thermography. Click on the picture to the right to go directly to Dr. Blocks web site.

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Healthy Coffee

Dr. Bartell has spent years perfecting and developing a Healthy Coffee. This premium arabica coffee has a combination of herbs infused into it that actually help the body produce natural energy and help to eleminate the negatives typically associated with drinking coffee. Now you can experience the power of the best tasting healthy coffee on the planet 100% endorsed by Dr. Bartell. Call our office for more information.


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