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A phone consultation with Dr. Bartell provides you with the opportunity to get a holistic perspective from a naturopathic doctor. Our 'ask a doctor' phone consultation is available to anyone who is in need of immediate health answers. Patients commonly ask Dr. Bartell for a second opinion or for answers to difficult health questions. Cancer patients frequently call regarding their options for alternative cancer therapy.

How can a Phone Consultation with Doctor Bartell Help Me?

If you have health questions, symptoms you’re concerned may indicate a disease, would like a second opinion, Dr. Bartell can help you. Through a personal phone consultation he will talk with you about your health concerns, answer your questions, and when appropriate, make specific recommendations. In many situations, he may recommend naturopathic therapy that can be done at home. Test kits that can be done from home are also available to help determine your health status.

Surgery and drugs can have serious side effects and should be avoided if at all possible. Dr. Bartell is a licensed primary health care practitioner and practices holistic naturopathic medicine. If you are not familiar with naturopathic medicine and this is the first time to our web site, you will find our approach will open up a whole new perspective. We hope that you can find answers to your health questions or concerns. We are here to help you!

Doctor Search - Patient's Report...

Migraine headaches, chronic neck and shoulder pain, vertigo. These were all caused from injuries. I went to different MD's and they were not able to help me. The pain and vertigo were so bad I couldn't stand up, sleep or function normally. My life was miserable and unbearable.

Specific Benefit of Holistic Natural Medicine with Dr. Bartell:
I found New Hope online and called to ask question. They urged me to go in to the office. They genuinely wanted to help me. Dr. Bartell was able to answer my health question and diagnose my skin rash. I had adjustments to my back, neck and other areas. I also had injections. I was eventually able to life normally without pain and vertigo. Do I recommend Dr. Bartell? Yes! To everyone who will listen!

Sandra Morrision - Tulsa, OK - Female

To schedule a personal phone consultation with Dr. Bartell, Call: 918-298-8810      
Cost $30  (10min. Consult)

Please note... All personal phone/online doctor consultations create a doctor patient relationship and your medical privacy is strictly protected.


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