Chelation therapy oral chelation... peripheral vascular disease with edta oral chelation for symptoms of peripheral neuropathy using edta chelation therapy oral chelation therapy

Chelation Therapy EDTA Oral Chelation 

edta oral chelation therapy chelation treatments chelation agentChelation therapy using EDTA oral chelation can help with many health problems including peripheral vascular disease, symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, preventing heart attacks, diabetes, circulation problems, fatigue, and can slow down the aging process. Oral chelation therapy with disodium EDTA and calcium EDTA can be taken daily to help improve your health.

Chelation treatments began in 1948 by the US Navy to flush toxic heavy metal lead from the body as well as mercury chelation. Doctors administering this chelation therapy for lead toxicity using the EDTA chelation agent, observed that patients who also had hardening of the arteries caused by fatty-plaque, experienced reductions in both conditions after chelation. Since 1952, Intravenous EDTA chelation therapy has been used in chelation therapy centers and chelation therapy clinics by some doctors with EDTA oral chelation to treat and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, resulting in removal of calcified plaque from artery walls. This safe, non-surgical chelation treatments has also been used effectively to treat circulatory problems, metal toxicities and other conditions and symptoms. 


Quadruple Heart Bypass - Patient Report...

I have heart disease (atherosclerosis - hardening of the arteries). I have had quadruple heart bypass in May, 1998, right carotid surgery in July 2005, and three stents put in my abdomen in June 2005. In October 1995 I was told I had claudication in my lower legs (peripheral vascular disease) and nothing they could do about it. I was told to take an aspirin a day and walk a lot. I could only walk about a block and my calves would start cramping and my feet would become numb.

Benefit of EDTA chelation therapy with Dr. Bartell:
January, 2005 I started chelation treatments, mainly for preventive maintenance. I I have since been able to walk about three blocks without cramping and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in my lower legs. Everybody comments about the difference in the color of my skin. One person said it was "beautiful". I also take pure MSM from Dr. Bartell and have hair growing on my lower legs. I haven't had hardly any hair there since my heart surgery. p.s. I also have my 88 year old mother-in-law taking it and she loves it.

Thomas Evans - Enid, Oklahoma - Male 63

Heart Blockage 40-60%- Patient Report...

I was feeling tired like I was losing my mind and flecks of something traveling over my left eye. Doctors diagnosed I had a 40 - 60% blockage on my left side of the neck. I would die or have a stroke. Refusing their pills, I cam home to my telephone ringing. My "health lady" said "Bim, you need chelation therapy. I chose to go to Jenks Oklahoma for the chelation treatments, had 26 of them and went on maintenance feeling like a new person. I praise my Lord that I'm alive and feeling good and to leading me to chelation therapy.

Benefit of EDTA chelation therapy with Dr. Bartell:
Prayers were lifted up for a doctor in Enid - the Lord sent Dr. Kent Bartell. I get a treatment every four to five weeks - I know when I need one. I believe everyone should have chelation. I believe there would be a lot less operations and money spent on illnesses. Yahuah the Son and chelation are the answers to good health. Dr. Kent Bartell is Yahuah-sent! as is alternative medicine.

Bim Jones - Enid, Oklahoma - Female 77

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy - Patient Report...

I have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy of the feet.

Benefits of EDTA chelation therapy with Dr. Bartell: Chelation therapy has reduced my blood pressure causing my medication to be reduced by 50%. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy has since reduced in my feet giving me increased feeling in my feet. An orel chelation herbal supplement given to me by Dr. Bartell has stabilized my blood sugar. Thank you very much, Mike.

Mike Carter - Sand Springs, Oklahoma - Male 42

Peripheral Vascular Disease - Patient Report...

I was 58 years old and was told by my neurologist that an MRI showed my veins in my brain were so clogged that he could maintain me at the most 3 years and I would have a major stroke. I took 20 EDTA chelation treatments and I have been fine since. I also was having lots of TIA daily.

Benefit of EDTA chelation therapy with Dr. Bartell:
I no longer have TIA's. I think chelation therapy is a life saver and I'm taking them again for maintenance. I also had a crooked face and it has rejuvenated the nerves and made my face not so crooked.

JoAnn Heyer - Enid, Oklahoma - Female 71

Peripheral Vascular Disease - Patient Report...

Poor circulation of lower extremities (under toe nails blue).

Benefit of EDTA chelation therapy with Dr. Bartell:
After two chelation treatments my toes returned to normal color, briefly blue returned but after a series of chelation treatments the blue color disappeared and has continued to improve circulation throughout my legs. I had independent laboratory testing that proves my circulation has improved.

Mary K Hallock - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Female 79

While intravenous chelation may provide dramatic results more quickly, the recent development of an EDTA oral chelation nutritional supplement has been found to be very effective, convenient,  and less expensive than intravenous chelation.    Oral chelation involves ingesting the chelating agent EDTA and other natural chelators daily as a nutritional supplement.  With oral chelation, various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients and herbs are used to supplement the benefits of the edta chelation therapy.

EDTA Removes Artery Calcium Plaque

Chelation therapy iv intravenous EDTA  with oral chelation treatments ... pills for chelation cardiac chelation orelCalcium is the element that cements plaque to artery walls, making the artery walls hard and inflexible.  The chelating agent, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), is a synthetic amino acid that binds calcium and heavy metals to remove them from the body through the kidneys.  When calcium is drawn out of arterial plaque, the remaining fats, sugars, proteins, fibers and debris are then softened so that they can be flushed out of the body as well. (1)  

Chelation Improves Circulation Throughout the Entire Body

 A big advantage of EDTA chelation therapy over surgery is that circulation is improved throughout the body, whereas surgery only opens an artery at the site of the surgery.  With chelation theraphy patients report improved memory, diminished leg and chest pain on exertion, better vision, better hearing and improved sense of smell... improvements related to improved circulation and relief of blocked or narrowed arteries (peripheral vascular disease). (1)  Poor circulation and lack of blood flow to the reproductive organs is a primary cause of male impotence.  Many men find that, as their circulation is improved, sexual performance also improves. (2).  EDTA can be taken daily to help improve your health. 

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