Treatments for colon cancer and colon cancer symptoms with colon cancer early symptoms and symptoms of colon cancer for colon problems or colon cancer signs and rectal cancer.

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Treatments for Colon Cancer


If you have colon cancer and are looking for alternative treatments for colon cancer or to determine specific colon cancer symtoms we can help. We offer naturopathic holistic treatments for colon cancer by supporting the immune system helping patients from across the United States with colon cancer.  Dr. Bartell and his staff use detoxification and immune system supportive therapies to restore health and balance to the body.  This holistic naturopathic approach utilizes only natural methods to help the body by supporting the body's own process of healing.  The body can overcome most chronic and acute conditions when holistic alternative medicine principles such as detoxification, support of the immune system, and physiological balance is achieved. 

Colon Cancer Symptoms:Bowel cancer... colon cancer symptoms diagnosis or colon cancer symtoms and symptons of colon cancer

  • Pain in the lower abdominal area

  • Diarrhea lasting more than several days

  • Chronic colon problems with bowel movements

  • Obstruction of bowel movements

  • Iron deficiency anemia which may indicate bleeding in the colon

  • Blood in the stool

  • Significant weight loss

  • Abdominal mass or hardness in the abdomen

  • Significant change in bowel habits

  • Appendix pain as colon cancer signs

  • Abdomen infection with pain and swelling which may indicate colon problems such as perforation

If you have colon cancer early symptoms, advanced symptoms of colon cancer, or rectal cancer it is important to know that colon cancer accounts for over 90% of intestinal cancers and is the second highest cause of cancer deaths for men and women each year.  90% of colon cancer symptoms are found in those 50 yrs of age or older.  Those with a family history of polyps run a higher risk of having bowel cancer.  There is also a 10% risk of ulcerative colitis (colon ulcers) turning malignant or cancerous.  A history of chronic constipation or improper elimination will also increase the cancer risk.  Symptoms of colon cancer commonly do not give early warning signs of cancer, but through history, examination, and testing, a colon cancer symptoms diagnosis or determination of the presence of cancer can be determined.  It is recommended that  individuals over 40 yrs of age undergo a regular rectal exam, sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, and a stool test for the presence of blood.

If you have been diagnosed with colon cancer, are looking for holistic alternative treatments for colon cancer and have not found hope or help, tour our website and learn more about our clinic and about this natural holistic approach through alternative medicine. We believe that every person can be helped when the body is able to return to balance.  Phone consultations can also be scheduled with Dr. Bartell to determine if alternative medicine can help you. 

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