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STOP! If you are facing losing your gall bladder to gall bladder surgery or have gallbladder stones you must read this page.

You can learn how to avoid gallbladder surgery, save your gall bladder, eliminate gallbladder symptoms and gall bladder disease naturally.

Gall Bladder Diet and Gallbladder Problems or gallbladder diet with gallbladder attack.   Gallbladder removal alternativeDear friend,

I am Dr. Kent Bartell and I help hundreds of patients every year that have been told they must have gallbladder surgery to take care of their gall bladder problems. The truth is that 80% of gall bladder surgeries could be avoided and should not have been performed. I can help you through natural methods without the need for you to come to my health clinic here in Oklahoma no matter where in the US or Canada you live.

Did you know…?

  • Gallbladder removal is the most common surgery to remove an organ done in the US next to hysterectomy.
  • Record number of these procedures are performed each year and the number continues to grow, currently at about half a million procedures yearly in the US.
  • Doctors will never tell you the cause of your gallbladder problems only that the solution is to have it removed.
  • Most doctors and surgeons will tell you that you do not need your gall bladder and that you will have no problems after it is gone.
  • Pain in your abdomen from a gallbladder problems or stones many times does not go away after surgery removing the gall bladder.
  • Just because gall stones may exist in the gall bladder doesn’t mean you need surgery.

Learn what the doctors will not tell you before its too late.

You can never replace your gall bladder once it’s gone and the gall bladder serves a very important digestive system function.

Did you know that thirty years ago tonsillectomy was one of the most common outpatient surgeries performed and was the recommendation by almost every doctor that looked at a swollen child’s tonsils?

Did you know that today only a small fraction of these surgeries are performed compared to years ago?

Do you know what the doctors used to tell parents about their child’s tonsils? Yep, you guessed it… exactly what they are telling patients now about their gall bladder… It does not serve any significant purpose, it will make no difference if we take it out, the solution to your problem is surgery, and even that it would be a good preventative measure remove it so you do not have problems in the future.

So why are the majority of children’s tonsils not removed today?

Because after millions of unnecessary surgeries the doctors discovered that tonsils actually have a purpose and are a part of the immune system that is trying to help the body during an infection. I can guarantee that in thirty years from now there will be a fraction of gall bladder surgeries performed compared to today. Eventually the medical profession will have to wake up and realize that the gall bladder does perform a significant function, that the digestive system is left crippled after surgery, and that removing the gall bladder only makes your actual problem worse.

Gallbladder Attack Symptoms

Most gallbladder symptoms are due to the formation of gallstones (cholelithiasis). Symptoms of gall stones or signs and symptoms of gall bladder attacks, are the result of a gall stone obstructing the cystic duct. This obstruction can produce severe gall bladder symptoms and pain. Thirty percent of the population has gall stones, with no symptoms or pain until a stone produces a blockage within the cystic duct. Once a blockage occurs, there is a risk of infection. Here are the symptoms...

  • Acute onset of fever.

  • Pain in the right upper abdomen, under or below the rib cage.

  • Ingestion of fatty foods that produce pain in the abdominal area may indicate a chronic problem.

  • Mild Jaundice (may be noticed in the whites of the eyes). 

  • Enlarged and tender area detected upon palpation just to the right below the rib cage.

  • Vague abdominal pain  possible with chronic gall bladder conditions.

Gall bladder cancer is rare in the United States, affecting approximately only 1% of the population. Of this small percentage, about 80% of gall bladder cancer is associated with gall stones. Gall stones are usually the result of an unhealthy liver that is producing toxic bile. The gall bladder is a fairly simple organ (holding sack) which stores bile that trickles from your liver until it is needed for fat digestion. After you eat fatty foods, the gall bladder contracts to push out the bile into your small intestine for the breakdown of these fats. Removal of your gall bladder is not recommended unless absolutely necessary, and should be considered only as a last resort. The presence of gall stones indicate a poor diet and/or poor digestion, a toxic congested liver, and a need for detoxification of your entire body.

I can answer your gallbladder questions with a simple phone call.

Each day in my clinic here in Oklahoma I help very sick patients overcome their disease by correcting the cause of the disease not just addressing the symptoms. I also provide consultations by phone for those needing help out of state when the schedule permits. If you have specific questions about your gall baldder or would like an honest second opinion from a doctor that will tell you the truth about the cause of your problem, I would love to speak with you. You may be able to avoid surgery, save your gall bladder, dissolve any stones, and be free of your gall bladder symptoms. Your phone consultation is scheduled just like an office visit. The cost is $30.00 for a ten minute phone consultation.

To see what times are available, call and speak with Janny or Michelle Toll Free at 918-298-8810.

Another option that you have to actually test and determine your underlying imbalances is through our Test Your Health from Home kit that you will mail back to us for testing. This testing also includes a phone report where I will cover in detail your toxity levels, digestive system imbalances, and nutrient levels that you currently have and outline a complete health program for you. Most of my 'long distance' patients that are serious about getting healthy will choose this evaluation as a place to begin. Once you determine what is out of balance in your body causing your health problem and you begin to support your body to help restore balance, your symptoms and disease will dissapear. To read more about this test click on the link below or call us Toll Free and remember...

Gall bladder removal should never be your first choice!

The doctors will not tell you the truth.

I can help you determine the cause of your condition.

Dr. Bartell

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