Chronic pain management for chronic pain relief through holistic chronic pain treatment

Do you need Chronic Pain Management or Chronic Pain Relief?


Nervous stomach and other nervous conditions are helped with treatment for chronic painChronic pain treatment begins with an understanding of the nervous system. Did you know that the human brain and the rest of the nervous system physically control all that happens within the body? If the nervous system is not healthy, the body will not be able to achieve health. The central nervous system diagram (brain & spinal cord) show the body's nerves reaching all areas of the body. Those that experience nervous conditions such as a nervous stomach or those in need of treatment for chronic pain are both affected by a nervous condition or dissorder. If your nervous system has been under continual stress due to toxicity, trauma, emotional stress, or physiological imbalances the need for chronic pain relief may be necessary, however most chronic pain treatments have toxic side effects. Medications (drugs) work only on the chemistry level of the body and so are most often a 'temporary fix' with most having toxic liver effects.  To restore or maintain a healthy nervous system, the root of the problem needs to be addressed.  

Chronic pain management is commonly done through drugs, however we believe that drugs are not the answer and usually complicate the problem by masking the true issue/cause. It is common for systemic toxicity or heavy metal toxicity to weaken the nervous system as well as trauma, surgery, scars, and even emotional issues or stress. The electrical nervous system is "subject" to the emotional state of the body (a nervous stomach is a good example).   

The New Hope Health Clinic is a holistic naturopathic clinic helping patients from across the country with all types of health issues. Our treatment for chronic pain is different... Dr. Bartell and his staff use detoxification, immune system supportive therapies, nervous system treatments, as well as addressing emotional issues to help restore health and balance to the body. This holistic approach utilizes only natural methods to help the body by supporting the body's own process of healing, and by getting to the root of the problem. The body can overcome most chronic and acute conditions if natural holistic alternative medicine principles are utilized correctly. It is essential to get at the cause of the problem so that wholeness, restoration, and balance can be achieved.

If you are under chronic pain management drug therapy and would like to try an alternative chronic pain relief or may need chronic pain treatment at our clinic, tour our website and learn more about our clinic and about this natural holistic approach. Certian nervous conditions may require a clinic visit such as chronic pain from an injury or sciatic "syatic nerve" pain. We believe that every person can be helped when the body is able to return to balance. Phone consultations are available with Dr. Bartell to determine how he can help you.

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