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Do you think that suicide is painless or that there are painless suicide methods and painless ways to commit suicide? I can show you the easiest way to commit suicide and the best methods of suicide helping kill suicide thoughts.


Best Way to Commit Suicide / How to Suicide

The best methods of suicide will give easy suicide death and death will achieve ultimate freedom from pain, fear, and depression.  It is also the only way to experience complete peace.  The hell of this pointless life and existence holds absolutely no meaning or reason to live.  Nothing matters anymore because the deep pain is all that can be felt, and every day it only gets worse and worse.  No one cares!  They have proven it by how they hurt you.  LOVE IS A LIE!  The voice inside says freedom from the pain is to find the best ways to commit suicide and just end it, so get it over with.  I know these things and I know how to commit suicide because I did it.  Let me explain...  My life really sucked and the deep black hole just kept getting deeper and darker.  There was no way out, nothing anyone could say changed the fact that my life was hopeless and to die was the only answer.  So I made a decision to end it all and I did it.  

I killed myself, but not my physical body.  What actually died was the dark voices in my mind and all the pain in my heart.  I was still physically alive, but everything painful and hopless died and the whole world looked different to me afterwards.  I escaped the pain and the experience of freedom is awesome.  Let me tell you a secret.  You don't have to physically die to end it all and have things change.  This really works! You will be so glad when the old you is dead because you can't go on another day like this with the deep pain...  Can you?

If you are going to kill yourself, today or are having thoughts of suicide, call Toll Free:  800-784-2433 (answered 24 hours) to get help.  You don't want to make a mistake because you don't get a second chance after you do it.  If you want to find out more on what to do to get free, continue reading and I will explain.  


Death is the Only Option

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It all starts without warning, a loved one or trusted authority thrusts a sharp dagger slicing deep into the child's innocent heart shattering its safe world of love with betrayal.  A reflex pulls the heart away as the first painful emotion brings a fear of death and insecurity.  Stunned in disbelief the child's mind scrambles to make sense of the puncture the heart has just sustained.  Confused and unable to comprehend the assault, the child accepts full responsibility. Year after year the pattern continues, as trust becomes a distant memory. 

Deep within solitude and far from discovery the mirror of the buried heart reflects failure and loneliness. The mind caught off guard responds with a legion of proof the inner voice is a lie. As time passes and silent to all others, the heart's once small whisper increases to a scream the mind can not suppress.  Plunging into a darkness of conviction and despair a knowing of the failure permeates the body.  Shocked by the inner betrayal, a rage is created that will not relent.  Over and over you seek for the one to blame, but none can be found. Through desperate fear the mind has the solution.  You are the one to blame. 

The now silent heart slowly dies unaware of its gradual fate as despair trickles into the cold voids where the dream once lived.  Day after day the darkness kills thoughts before they transform into action bringing a paralysis to life.  Moving deeper and deeper into hopelessness, the childhood dream no longer exists. Replaced with a cold hatred that the song of lies was ever heard.  Death is the only escape and love is a lie.

When you are at this point, there really was no other way out but committing suicide.  But most don't know that you can die without physically killing yourself.  The answer is to be willing to give it all up.  All your thoughts, wants, dreams, failures, hate, cares, fears, the past, future, and all painful relationships you have to let everything go.  There is only one thing you can hang on to...  The creator of all Yahuwah ; If you do this, I promise you will end up dying to yourself and find total freedom and peace.  But, there is no way you can do this on your own, you have to have others help you, but the choice is yours.  You can believe the lie that killing yourself is the answer, or you can choose the only answer which is Yahuwah.  

If you try to go on and push through life out of your own strength, you will continue to fail and go deeper and deeper into despair.  Or, you can find out who you really are and what you were created for.  Did you know that you have a specific purpose and Yahuwah created you for it.  You have to get the lies out of your head and find out what your purpose is to pull out of the death trap.  Don't be fooled!  There is a force that is trying to kill you and take your soul to hell and is constantly filling your thoughts with lies.  Find out the truth, don't be taken.  Let Yahuah remove all the lies in your head and all the pain in your heart.  He is waiting for you to call out to Him.  He is the only one that can take away the pain, but He uses certain people and special relationships to accomplish this. 

Again, if you feel there is nothing that can stop you from killing yourself, call right now Toll Free - 800-784-2433 to talk with someone.  If you don't think you can talk to someone, go to the web site below for more information and answers to many suicide questions.




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Suicide methods how to commit suicide and easy suicide is painless... ways to commit suicide, painless suicide methods painless ways to commit suicide or how to suicide with easiest way to commit suicide Suicide Crisis Centers


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