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Hope for Elevated Liver Enzymes Symptoms

lcauses of elevated liver enzymes symptoms liver problems symptoms liver disease symptoms liver detoxification symptoms of liver disease symptoms of liver problemsThere are few outward symptoms of severe liver disease, such as pain in the lower right chest region, a noticeable size increase of the liver below the rib cage on the right, and visible jaundice (yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes) can all indicate liver disease. The causes of elevated liver enzymes vary widely depending upon the level and duration liver problems as well as the overall comparison of many other blood test indications. The liver can also be assessed by direct physical examination by the doctor, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, biopsy, and liver blood tests. Dr. Bartell can help you determine the root cause of liver diseases and help direct you with your health program to allow liver detoxification and help your body to heal itself. Evaluation and Testing can be done without a visit to our clinic. Click Here to learn more about Testing Your Health and Liver Condition From Home.

Metabolic & Toxic Liver Diseases

Alcohol Liver Diseases

The three types of alcohol liver disease are fatty liver, acute alcoholic hepatitis, and chronic alcoholic liver disease cirrhosis. A fatty liver is commonly the first symptoms of liver disease with alcohol injury to the liver producing symptoms of an increased size of the liver due to fat buildup within the liver tissue. Fatty liver is reversible at this point if healthy changes are made. Symptoms of liver problems with acute alcoholic hepatitis are acute onset of a fever, jaundice, tender enlargement of the liver, and commonly occur after a bout of heavy drinking. Severe hepatitis can result in death. Most patients with chronic alcoholic liver disease have consumed the equivalency of a 350mL bottle of 80 proof whisky daily for at least 10 years. About 30% of these heavy drinkers will have alcoholic hepatitis and about 20% will develop cirrhosis. See below under cirrhosis of the liver for cirrhosis symptoms.

Chemical and Drug-Induced Liver Disease

Most medications have a liver toxicity effect, and many are known to have a very high liver toxicity effect. Two very common drugs are acetaminophen pain relievers, and tetracycline antibiotics. As with most medications, the higher the dosage and the stronger the drug, the higher the liver toxicity effect it will have. Chemotherapy drugs are very toxic to the body and are commonly not recommended for liver cancer for this reason. When the toxicity of the drug or medication reaches the liver, it produces liver cell death which can often be detected by a blood test indicating elevated liver enzymes. 

Immunologic Liver Diseases

This type of chronic liver disease is caused by either a weakened immune system most commonly seen in women or with a viral chronic active type of hepatitis infection. Primary cirrhosis of the liver occurs 90% of the time in middle-aged women. A damaged immune system is generally the accepted cause for this type of liver disease. Early symptoms of liver failure may not give signs of liver failure until high or elevated liver enzymes are seen on the blood test. 

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Commonly induced by alcohol 30-60%, viral hepatitis infections 10-30%, biliary blockage as with gall stones 10%, and immune deficiency liver disease 10%. Cirrhosis is characterized as liver cell death over an extended period of time with a progressive pattern leading to liver failure and death. In the early stages, there is enlargement of the liver, but then a reduction in size is observed with a nodular characteristic. The poor flow of blood return through the liver will result in portal hypertension which will produce symptoms that include vomiting blood, tarry black stool as a result of the blood, enlarged spleen, dilated veins and swelling in the abdomen, and hemorrhoids. Liver failure symptoms from the death of the liver cells will commonly also produce foul smelling breath, spider veins on the skin, enlarged breasts, jaundice, ankle edema, anemia, and a tendency toward bleeding problems. Cirrhosis is a major risk factor for primary liver cancer and may show one or more of the above liver disease symptoms.

Primary Benign and Cancerous Liver Tumors

Small benign (not cancerous) tumors or cysts are common, and through medical evaluation and testing, determination of a cancer diagnosis can be ruled out. Primary liver cancer tumors begin within the liver cells and are three times more likely in men than in women. This type of cancer is thought to be caused mainly by a fungus, or by hepatitis B viral infection usually affecting those 30-50 years of age. 80% of patients who develop this cancer have cirrhosis of the liver. 

Metastatic (secondary) Liver Cancer

Metastasis is when a primary cancer has spread to another area. Metastasis accounts for the majority of liver cancers. Almost any type of cancer in the body can spread to the liver, but the most common are digestive tract cancers, breast, lung, and malignant melanoma skin cancer. Symptoms of metastatic carcinoma include massive liver enlargement with nodules. The prognosis for metastatic liver cancer is very poor. 

Here at our clinic we help patients across the country with all types of health conditions including elevated liver enzymes and liver failure symptoms.  Liver detoxification and immune system supportive therapies along with diet and lifestyle changes can help restore health and balance to the liver reversing chronic conditions.  This holistic naturopathic approach utilizes only natural methods to help the body by supporting the body's own process of healing.  The body can overcome most chronic and acute conditions if natural alternative medicine principles such as detoxification, support of the immune system, and physiological balance is achieved 

If you have lab work indicating elevated liver enzymes, liver problems or liver failure and would like help with your liver condition or illness, tour our website and learn more about Dr. Bartell, our clinic and about our natural holistic approach through alternative medicine. We believe that every person can be helped when the body is able to return to balance. Phone consultations with Dr. Bartell are available to help you determine specifically how natural alternative medicine can help you.

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