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Hope for Kidney Infection Symptoms

kidney infections bladder infections cancer symptomsWhen kidney infections or bladder infections are present, the symptoms will usually be low back pain that is poorly localized. A urine test can be done by the doctor, however a simple at home test to identify kidney infection symptoms vs. bladder infection symptoms is to have someone (or yourself) lightly "tap" (with a closed fist) on either side of the spine below the rib cage. If a sharp shooting pain can be felt that "shoots" toward the front of the body, it is very possible your kidney is involved. A urine test is necessary to diagnose an infection or indicate whether another problem may exist confirming bladder problems such as bladder stones, however it can not diagnose kidney cancer. When protein or blood is found in your urine test, it may indicate kidney infections, kidney cancer or possibly bladder problems such as bladder stones or bladder tumors. It is common for a person to have no symptoms of bladder cancer and still have bladder tumors present. Kidney cancer symptoms however include pain and a mass that can be felt indicating kidney tumors may be present. Kidney disease symptoms such as pain or pressure are also very common with kidney infections due to inflammation.

Kidney Infections

Kidney infections are most common in women and are usually bacterial in nature. A kidney infection is typically considered more serious than a bladder infection and symptoms of bladder infection are very similar to kidney infection symptoms. Kidney infection symptoms may include frequency of urination with burning, and pain in the low back. Fever is also a common symptom however not usually present at the start of the infection. A urine test to diagnose kidney infections will usually show blood, protein, and white blood cells in the urine. The urinary tract is divided into an upper and lower area due to the location of the primary organs, the bladder and the kidneys. It is common for a lower urinary bladder infection to move up the ureters and enter the kidneys causing a kidney infection if not treated.  

Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer is most common in older adults over forty. Men are twice as likely to get kidney cancer than women. The majority of kidney cancer tumors (85%) are primary meaning the cancer began in the kidneys. Usually a mass is noticed by the person, pain is experienced and blood is found on the urine test. Other kidney disease symptoms of cancer may include fever, swelling in the legs, nausea and weight loss.  

Bladder Infections

Bladder infections are most common in women and are usually bacterial in nature. The primary causes of bladder infection symptoms include sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and medical instrumentation. Bladder infections will commonly produce frequency of urination with burning, and may also include fever with pain in the lower abdomen. A simple urine test can diagnose this condition by showing white blood cells in the urine. A common natural bladder infection treatment to help rid the urinary tract of bacteria is to change the pH of the urine to be more acidic. A simple way to do this is to drink a diluted mixture of raw apple cider vinegar on a daily schedule when bladder infection symptoms are present. 

Bladder Stones

The medical term for a kidney stone in the urinary tract is urinary tract calculi, or just uroithiasis. Kidney stones are most common in men 30-50 years of age. 70% of kidney stones are composed of calcium, which can indicate an overactive parathyroid gland, cancer that has spread to the bone, kidney disease, excessive intake of decaffeinated coffee, or overdose of ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C). Kidney stones can also be caused from an intake of calcium carbonate vitamins (i.e. coral calcium) as is found in most antacid tablets. Dehydration will increase the risk of kidney stones. 15% of kidney stones are made of a mixture of calcium phosphate and magnesium, and are caused from urinary tract infections. 10% of kidney stones are made of uric acid and are common in gout patients (high uric acid deposits in the tissues).

Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer tumors develop from the cell lining of the bladder 90% of the time. Men over 50 are at highest risk of bladder cancer especially those that work with chemicals in densely populated industrial areas such as petroleum workers and spray painters. In early stages, 25% will show no bladder cancer symptoms. These symptoms include blood in the urine with clots and pain after urination. Other symptoms of bladder cancer include bladder irritability, bladder pain, frequency of urination, night urination, and dribbling. Surgery is a common medical treatment for bladder cancer which is diagnosed only by a histological tissue study such as with a biopsy.  

Kidney Stones Symptoms

The pain is located from just below the middle of the rib cage in the front, around to the back and deep in the abdomen as low as the pubic area. Pain can range from a constant dull pain to an excruciating sharp pain that fluctuates. Nausea and vomiting usually accompany severe pain. Other associated symptoms include fever, chills, blood noticed in the urine, swelling of the abdomen, pus in the urine, and a rare obstruction of urine output producing a bursting bladder symptom. A diagnosis is based on symptoms, urine tests, an ultrasound, or mostly commonly by X-ray. 90% of kidney stones can be passed and eliminated in the urine unless the stone is too large, surgery may be necessary. 

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