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Welcome to our Thermography Centers


Thermography centers in Tulsa Oklahoma for breast cancer screeningOklahoma now has Medical Infrared Thermography, which is the best method for pre-breast cancer screening. Located at 61st and Sheradian, Dr. Block is now taking appointments for Breast Thermal Screenings.

Thermography can detect indications of breast cancer development providing a 6 year earlier detection over traditional mammogram screening. Abnormal vascular and nervous system infrared temperature patterns can be seen on the surface of the breast with thermography. Go to to schedule your appointment.


Mammogram Screening Facts:

  • Did you know that a screening mammogram is 1000 times greater radiation exposure than a chest x-ray? This radiation exposure increases your risk of getting breast cancer by 1% for each mammogram that you have had in your lifetime.


  • Did you know that it typically takes breast cancer 8 years for growth to reach the mammogram screening detectable size of one billion cells which is typically considered stage one?


  • Did you know that mammogram screenings can typically only detect breast cancer at the cellular size of one billion cells? This means breast cancer had been growing undetected for 8 years.


    Thermography centers in Tulsa Oklahoma for breast cancer screeningAverage breast cancer cell growth...

    90 Days, 2 cells
    1 Year, 16 cells
    2 Years, 256 cells
    3 Years, 4,096 cells
    4 Years, 65,536 cells
    5 Years, 1,048,576 cells
    6 Years, 16,777,216 cells
    7 Years, 268,435,456 cells
    8 Years, 4,294,967,296 (4.2 billion) cells

    Source: Buchanan, JB, et al. Tumor growth, doubling times, and the inability of the radiologist to diagnose certain cancers. R Radiol N AM 1983; 21:115-26


  • Breast cancer at 10 years is considered to be lethal and 100% of women that have had routine mammograms and are eventually diagnosed with breast cancer have had false mammogram findings for approximately 8 years.


  • The typically recommended schedule for mammogram screenings for a woman increases her risk of breast cancer by 20% by the time she is age 50 from the radiation of the mammogram.


  • The good news is that 97% of breast cancers can be reversed with medical treatment if detected by stage one (by year 8). Imagine how much greater success in preventing and correcting the problem by being able to detect breast cancer 6 years sooner.


    Advanced Medical Infrared Thermography Facts:

  • Thermography does not injure the breast, expose the body to any radiation and so does not increase your risk of cancer through radiation exposure as does the standard mammogram screening and provides a 6 year earlier detection for beast cancer.


  • Breast Thermography has an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%

    Thermography centers in Tulsa Oklahoma for breast cancer screening 

  • An abnormal thermogram is 10 times more significant as a future risk indicator for breast cancer development than a family history of breast cancer.


  • A persistent abnormal thermogram carries with it a 22 time higher risk of future breast cancer.


  • Extensive clinical trials have shown that breast Thermography significantly supports the long term survival rates of the group by as much as 61%.


  • When Breast Thermography is used as a multimodal approach including clinical exam, and specific mammography guided by Thermography, 95% of all early stage cancers will be detected.


  • Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging was FDA approved over 20 years ago as a completely safe method for breast imaging. We are also the only thermography center in Oklahoma with an FDA registered high resolution medical thermography camera and all of our technicians are IAMT certified.


    Thermography Imaging can Detect these other Health Problems:

  • Thyroid conditions can be detected early with thermography as temperature changes will be seen on the front of your neck.


  • Cardiovascular (heart and artery) disease can be detected early by evaluating the thermal pattern over the carotid arteries on the neck as well as viewing the heat pattern over the heart chest area. Carotid artery inflammation is accepted as the earliest possible indication of artery disease and chest temperature asymmetry can be an early sign of heart disease or an early indicator you have an increased risk for stroke.


  • Sinus or allergy patterns can be easily seen on the face and head indicating and pinpointing the source for headaches and other problems or symptoms.


  • Digestive problems, Liver problems, Nervous system imbalances and many other inflammatory processes can be detected early with the use of abdominal thermography.


  • Thermography can also be used as a valuable tool to monitor improvement or progression of many previously diagnosed cancers or other conditions by comparing thermography images over time.



    Thermography Imaging Patient Preparation

    Thermography centers in Tulsa Oklahoma for breast cancer screening3 months prior:
    No major breast surgery
    No chemotherapy or radiation
    Cease lactation and breast feeding

    1 month prior:
    No major breast surgery, i.e. biopsy

    1 week prior:
    Avoid tanning or sunburn

    24 hours prior:
    Avoid exercise, massage or chiropractic adjustment
    Refrain from steam room, sauna, hot or cold packs
    Avoid sitting in a hot tub
    Reschedule if you experience a significant fever

    Day of the exam:
    Do not shave underarms
    Avoid using deodorant or creams on the area to be imaged

    2 Hours before the exam:
    Refrain from tobacco or coffee use
    Avoid hot or cold liquids
    Refrain from exercise, bathing or showering
    Avoid eating or chewing gum if we are imaging your head and neck

    Thermography Exam Procedure

    There will be no contact with your body, no injections, radiation or fluids to drink. You will be in a comfortable cool private room and the camera will be positioned from 4 to 7 feet away from you as you turn to change to the necessary positions.

    You will be offered a gown to wear until the imaging begins. For breast imaging, you will be required to disrobe your upper body. For full body imaging you must remove all but underpants. You will be imaged by a certified thermographer (Please wear or bring underwear).

    A single region of interest, like the head or breast will take about 15 - 30 minutes. A full body exam will take approximately 60 minutes. Time may also be allowed to briefly review the images before you leave.

    Professional Medical Analysis and Recommendations

    Your thermography images will be analyzed by specifically trained and certified MD's in the form of a written report usually within 2-3 days. Our office will contact you when your report is completed and a time will be set up a time to go over your report and give you a copy with your original color images.

       Thermography Centers Oklahoma Breast Cancer

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    Note: When reading thermography images, we look for certain temperature findings in the breasts or other areas which may suggest elevated risk for disease. Thermal imaging provides information about current and future risk only, and does not diagnose breast or other conditions. Thermal imaging findings should be correlated with diagnostic examinations before a final diagnosis and treatment decision is made. Thermography does not replace medical diagnostic testing or other appropriate examinations.:-)

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