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Hope for Thyroid Symptoms

Early thyroid underactive symptoms are vague fatigue, forgetfulness, sensitivity to cold, unexplained weight gain and constipation.  As the condition remains untreated, loss of hair of the  outer part of the eyebrows, decreased mental ability, dry flaky skin, puffy face hands and feet.  Severe underactive thyroid symptoms can include hoarseness, swelling around the eyes, and dry sparse hair.  Symptoms are caused due to a low production of thyroid hormone and are five times more common in women than in men.  Underactive thyroid problems or symptoms can be caused from surgery of the thyroid, radiation therapy, inflammation, a weakened immune system, fatigued adrenal system due to chronic stress, lack of proper nutrition, and poor pituitary gland function.

Other forms of thyroid disease are goiter, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), and thyroid cancer.  Thyroid cancer is rare and is responsible for only 0.5% of all cancer deaths yearly in the US.  The most common cause of thyroid cancer is from radiation exposure.  

Here at the Alternative Medicine New Hope Health Clinic we offer you hope with your chronic health condition through a personal 'long distance' evaluation by Dr. Bartell, who will make specific recommendations on what you can do to restore your health naturally. For our "out of state" patients and for many conditions, a visit to the clinic is not necessary.  The body can overcome most chronic and acute conditions such as an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, and even cancer if natural alternative medicine methods such as detoxification, support of the immune system, and physiological balance is achieved. Our goal for you is total and complete healing and restoration.  We can help you become healthy!  Begin your evaluation with a 'one on one' Phone Consultation with Dr. Bartell, or with our Test From Home evaluation. If you would like our help in determining which one of these may be the best place to start, or to schedule an appointment with the doctor... Call: 918-298-8810.    

If you have not found hope or help with your health condition or illness, tour our website and learn more about our clinic and about our natural holistic approach through alternative medicine. We believe that every person can be helped when the body is able to return to balance. 

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